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The courses are organised four times a year; twice in the spring and twice in the autumn and are intended for groups only. Dates are mutually agreed with the hosts when a group wants to register. No courses are offered between mid-June and mid-September.

The all-inclusive price (i.e. all meals and the regular programma) for a standard course for a group of 6 participants and a 4-night stay in double rooms is € 750,- per person. Not included are the costs of travel, additional food or drink consumption in (coffee)bars, restaurants etc. and personal expenses.
Charges may vary for smaller or larger groups. Extra programme options can also entail additional charges.

Travel information
The most convenient airport to reach the Sabina region is Rome Fiumicino, which is the airport used by most airlines arriving in Rome. From the airport, there is a direct train to a station just 15 minutes’ drive from La Palombara. Your Culinaria Sabina hosts will pick you up from the local railway station.
A direct airport transfer is also available at a charge of € 25.- per person (one-way).
If you prefer to hire a car at the airport, you will be provided with driving directions to La Palombara.
Please note that Rome’s second airport, Ciampino, does not have public transport links, and is much more difficult to access than Fiumicino. As such, Culinaria Sabina strongly recommends that participants book flights to Fiumicino rather than Ciampino airport.

Contact Culinaria Sabina to discuss your ideal itinerary and dates.  We will do all that we can to accommodate your wishes!
You can reach us by phone or by e-mail:

Eva Kuipéri
0031 6 517 666 91